Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yeah, it's been a while.

But here is an awesome way to do some good:

Buy a coat or gloves or boots (WalMart and Target have them for pretty cheap).

Help out some kids who have nothing.

Thanks to Sue, over at Navel Gazing.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ten More to Go

So, I know that we are all serving. Just not talking about it. Which I can dig, because I haven't been posting either.

And I know that not everyone wants to toot a horn. Or make a sock monkey.

So let's talk about the service we have been rendered. I recently (today) had the privelege of speaking about the Atonement at church, and I got to thinking about all of the amazing things that I have been helped with and given because of that. I know that nothing I can ever do for anyone on this earth will ever measure up to the gift I have been given, but I have to try.

So here is one of the best services I have ever been given.

My best friend, before she was my best friend, was also my next-door neighbor. You may know her. She is pretty awesome. So, one time, I had just found out that the reason I was so black and gloomy all the time (ALL THE TIME) was because I had chronic depression. And I needed medication. And I would need it, in all likeliness, until I either hit menopause and changed some stuff in my hormoneez or died. Whichever. For some reason, this did not provide me with relief, this diagnosis. It made me ashamed. Like I was less or broken or whatever. And I mentioned it to my neighbor and she and her sister-in-law told me that I was not broken. And that they had all been on pills and potions. And that it made things better. And that no one thought I was bad. And then we went to Ben and Jerrys. And I took my medicine. And it was THE GREATEST THING EVER.

And that little conversation that she probably does not remember having was one of the best services of my life.

The end.

PS: One of the best services I ever gave? The time I brought fifty McDonalds cheeseburgers to the soldiers out camping with Army. Guess who won that "Greatest Wife" election? Me.

PPS: Does it count if I totally brought those cheeseburgers to make sure I won the election? Because I kind of did.

PPPS: What is the best service you have been given?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Service Projects: Craft Hope

Some days I don't leave the house. And my service involves not killing the kid or the puppies. (Which is a VALUABLE service, I know, but still.) Here is one of the great service projects that I love taking part in.

Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

Craft Hope is an amazing labor of love. From their website:

"Craft Hope is a faith-based, love inspired project designed to share handmade crafts with those less fortunate. It is our hope to combine our love for crafting and desire to help others into a project to make a difference around the world."

Currently their project is to make sock monkeys for the sweet preschoolers at the Little Heroes Burn Camp. Sock monkeys are super easy and fun to make--I have made them by hand, and on the sewing machine. (The sewing machine is quicker, but by hand means you get to sit down for a full hour-long TV show.) Any kind of socks are welcome--so clean out your lost sock basket and make some monkeys. And know that you are making a difference, even when you are still in your PJs. And leave a comment and be entered to win.

(I think the first drawing will be when we have 33 comments. Because that is how old I am. So, the more you serve, the more you get a chance to win some movie tickets!)

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Proposition

We need to "wake up and do something more." We need to help each other. And we need to start today. With small (or grand) gestures, words, ideas, and actions. So here is what I propose:

Every day we look for ways to serve others. And we post a little description of the service below, or at the community. Not to brag, not to point out how awesome we are (even though we are rad) but as inspiration and reminders to do more good in the world. And every few weeks, I will give away a prize (a good one) to a random poster. You know, because even though service is its own reward, sometimes it is nice to get another reward. Like a gift card. To the movies. Where you can serve yourself popcorn.

Are you up for it? I think you are.

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